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The same glow, the same heat, yet different.
Get the advantages of a wood burning stove without the hassles

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    Gas Stoves, All the charm, none of the hard work

    The reason why Gas burning stoves have grown to such popularity is mainly because of the fact that they provide the same soothing flames like that of a wood burning stove but doesn’t produce any form of ash. Hence, Gas stoves are easier to maintain and doesn’t require you to clean them ever so often.

    Modern Gas stoves come with realistic logs and flames which will give the impression of a wood burning stove.

    Gas stoves that are being made today come in a variety of styles. You can go for a modern design with sharper lines and design elements or have a traditional look with curved lines and exquisite design elements. If you have a style in mind, we can match it with the perfect gas stove!

    Why choose Gas Stove over a Fireplace

    Gas based heating systems can be categorized into two – Gas Stove and Gas Fireplaces. Choosing between the two comes down to the placement and aesthetics that you want to achieve with your option.

    A Gas Stove is preferred when you consider aesthetics more than the heating output. They make more pleasing flame patterns and vibrant colors.

    Gas Stoves are aimed more towards heat output rather than their looks.

    However, with modern design and construction, that lines have blurred. Now you can get the best of two worlds with Gas stoves as they come with add on ornaments that can be used to enhance their beauty.

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    Our experts will solve them in no time.

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      Cheaper to Run

      Gas is the cheapest form of energy. Unlike wood or coal, you don’t have to keep a pile stocked in your home. Gas Stoves can be directly connected to the gas grid. In another form of stoves, if you forget to keep regular fuel supply in check, the heating suddenly comes to a halt.  This is not the case with gas stoves as they directly take the fuel from the gas grid.

      Fuel costs are on the rise, and access to high quality seasoned wood is becoming harder. By using a Gas stove, you can save on fuel and have the assurance that there is a regular supply of fuel to run the stove.

      Even though wood is a great fuel to keep the fire burning for a long time, the overall heat transfer efficiency of wood is very poor. This is not the case with Gas as it is significantly higher than that of wood. Some stoves even go as high as 80% efficiency.

      So the rate of fuel being burnt to get a certain amount of heat in the room will be higher for wood than it is for Gas.

      Gas stoves are very effective at raising the room temperature quickly. Since there is no time delay in setting up the fire, every process is quick and easy.

      BTU (British Thermal Units) You can choose

      The BTU or British Thermal Unit is a measure of heat and we use it to gauge the heating capacity of Gas Stoves using this metric.

      Approximately 358000 BTUs are required to heat up a room that spans an area of 1000 square meters. An accurate evaluation can only be done after each individual characteristics of the room, like windows, ceiling height, doors, level of insulation, etc., are taken into account.

      If you have trouble calculating the BTU requirements of your home, we are here to help you out. Just fill us in on the details and we will suggest you the right type of gas heater that fits your requirements.

      Regulations Ready

      UK building regulations have set specific guidelines on having stoves at home. In certain areas in the UK, wood burning stoves are banned or heavily regulated due to the smoke that they produce. In such area, Gas stoves are a viable alternative as they barely produce any smoke, but has the same look and feel of the wood burning stove.

      These regulations are said to be expanded to the rest of the UK in the coming years. So having an eco-friendly stove at your home is a great way to stay within the lines of the law and a great way to future proof your home heating equipment.

      We are here to help!

      Confused about with Wood burning stove to buy? Just give us a call and leave us a message, and our executive will get in touch with you, helping you have a perfect stove for your perfect home!

      Maintenance - Yearly servicing and nothing else

      Gas stoves only need yearly servicing. However, choosing just any brand or product will not give you such assurance of longevity.

      By choosing us, you have access to the best collection of Gas stoves. We partner with manufacturers who uphold the best quality standards in stove making. Hence, you can find our products to be in compliance with ISO and BS guidelines.

      Compared with other types of stoves or fireplaces, the Gas Stoves are very easy to maintain. The yearly services comprise of cleaning the glass, removal of soot that has been collected and servicing burners of the gas.

      National Standards, Local Owners

      Qualified Agents All our team members are high-qualified, educated and skilled agents. All of them are being trained according to the latest technologies.

      Worry-Free Experience

      We accept requests and phone calls 24/7 so you could resolve any problem whenever you need. Our emergency team will be at your place

      Professional Approach

      Best Offers We provide discounts on the most popular services and on the season services, so you could definitely receive any help without delay.

      Unparalleled Quality

      The construction of Gas Stoves must be robust in every aspect. They need to have the latest safety measures and must be constructed to the best safety standards.

      We also have products that use Ceramic Glass instead of normal tempered glass to withstand the high temperatures.

      The range of gas stoves you find at our website is handpicked for their safety standards and high-efficiency ratings.

      Direct Vent | B Vent| Vent-Free

      Gas Stoves are available in three different configurations. The design changes in these configurations significantly impact the installation and working of the Gas stove. The decision on which gas stove to buy in the UK should be determined by the local building codes and the requirements.

      Direct Vent Gas Stove: The Direct Vent Gas Stove uses air from the outside for the combustion and uses a chimney consisting of two parts for exhaust and ventilation. It uses a pipe within a pipe construction that utilizes the outside vent pipes for exhaust and the inside pipe for air. Direct Vent Gas stoves can be easily installed on side walls or through the roof.

      B Vent Gas Stove: A B Vent Gas Stove also comes with a chimney, but it uses the pipe only for exhaust. The combustion is facilitated by the air within the room itself. The B Vent Gas Stoves are not suited for high heat output. They are commonly used for their aesthetical appeal for having rich crimson flames.

      Vent Free Gas Stove: The benefit of using Gas Stoves is that it can work without as exhaust as they produce very minimal emissions. Vent Free Gas Stoves doesn’t require a chimney and it uses the air inside the room for sustaining combustion. These characteristics of Vent Free Gas Stove makes it possible to install them anywhere in the room.

      Get the Right Stove for Every Budget

      Budget is certainly a deciding factor when it comes to stoves. We will help you find the best Wood burning stove you can get for your budget.

      Our range of products come in all price ranges, varying in features and other aspects. However, you can be sure that this product does no skimp on security features and build quality. Browse through our range of products and you will definitely find the wood burning stove that fits your budget and requirements.

      Technologically Advanced

      These are Gas Stoves available that mixes technology with the age-old use of a stove. The results speak for themselves as you can find gas stove as they can be remotely operated, or even program their operation in advance so that you don’t have to fiddle around with them every day.

      When you are searching for a Gas stove, choose one with the “Remote Ready” tag which is representative of its remote-controlled capabilities. Many of the Modern Gas stoves also come with a programmable thermostat that lets you set the room temperature just the way you want it to be.

      Some higher-end models even let you customize the flames like the amount of the flame and their height.

      With the concept of smart homes and modern living spaces, Gas stoves provide an equally worthy addition to your home.

      Easy installation

      The difficulty of Gas Stove installation depends upon the type of vent that they have.

      The Vent Free Gas Stoves are among the latest designs that don’t require any sort of venting. They also provide more heat to the room since no heat is lost through the chimney. The merit of not having a chimney makes them the easiest to install.

      The love for freestanding Gas Stoves has also gone up in recent years since Gas stoves can be placed virtually anywhere granted that they meet the right safety requirements.

      Even though the installation process is easy, Gas stoves require stringent safety checks before it can be installed. When you buy a Gas Stove from us, you can count on our certified technicians to install the Gas Stove for you. They will ensure that the Gas Stove is installed correctly and there are no safety hazards.

      Our Promise

      We stand by our products

      We strive to provide our clients with a satisfying shopping experience and this level of concern is also extended after you have placed your order.

      The manufactures that we work with are among the most famous stove manufacturing brands in the world. They ensure that each stove is made with the best industry practices in check. The confidence in each product comes from its design, strength, and features.

      This is why we are always happy to help you not just in purchasing the stove but also for it’s after-sales services. When you shop with us, you will always have the best!

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