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    Convenient and Versatile – Multi-Fuel Stove has it all

    Having the convenience of using more than just wood to heat up your home offers you more options. Multi Fuel stoves are made to run on alternative fuel types than just wood and there is no restriction on the type of fuel that you can use.

    Smokeless fuel can be used in a Multi-fuel stove without any modifications. Their construction differs from wood-burning stoves as Multi Fuel Stoves use grate guard the surrounds the fuel with air so that the fire can keep burning without suffocation.

    Coal, Wood or Smokeless fuel, You Choose

    In certain areas of the UK, there are regulations on how much smoke can be produced from a household. So if you like watching the soothing flames created by wood, then you can use it as a fuel with respect to the regulations. However, when you need more heat to be produced from the stove, burning more wood might not bode well with the regulations.

    Hence, you can switch to a Smokeless fuel and get the right amount of heat by using more of the fuel. The versatility of Multi-fuel stoves makes them the perfect fit for homeowners who want to have more freedom on the type of fuel that they want to use.  

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      Less taxing on storage and upkeep

      One of the downsides of using a wood burning stove is that you need to have a regular supply of seasoned wood in order to keep the fire going. This means that it will take up the storage area and you will need a regular supply of seasoned wood.

      Many homeowners don’t have easy access to a constant supply of seasoned wood, and at times, wood can get quite pricy if they are in short supply. And in such cases, Multi-fuel stoves helps you to keep your home warm as it can run on other solid fuels like anthracite that is much easier to buy.

      Using smokeless options like Anthracite, Taybrite or Phurnacite offers an alternative that is easier to get hold of and easier to manage.

      Multi Fuel stoves can be bought with back boilers so that you can transfer the heat not just to a single room, but many.

      A single addition like a boiler can help you further lower your electricity bill. You can buy a boiler stove in both modern and contemporary styles. Again, sizing the right boiler is important so that you have the right amount of heat circulating through the rooms.

      Multi-fuel stoves with back boilers can be used for spot heating or to heat domestic water. They can provide 5 to 20 kW of water heating whilst heating up the room.  The capacity and the water heating capacity can be changed based on the product that you choose.

      Just let us know what you are looking for, and we will help you find the best multi-fuel stoves that meet your requirements.

      Cleaning Made Easy

      The construction of Multi-Fuel stoves makes it easier for you to clean it out. The raised grate and the room inside the stoves give enough leeway to easily remove residue ash or unburnt fuel.

      Having a raised grate system is better when you want to clean the ash and it doesn’t clog up like the conventional stoves.

      In typical wood burning stoves, the best way of burning the wood is on top of a bed of ash. So cleaning involved removal of the ash from the fire and the bed of ash that was used to facilitate the fire. This often resulted in a messy and tedious cleaning process.

      Multi-fuel stoves are more advanced and takes in several factors in its design. One such factor is the ease with which it can be cleaned and reused.

      Welcome Home the Modern Stoves

      It is high time you replace coal/wood stoves for newer Multi Fuel stoves. They are easier to manage and offer you more options that single fuel based stoves. The modern Multi Fuel stoves come with very user-friendly design features like Air Wash System, Adjustable log guard, Direct air supply kit, etc. Special enamels coatings are also available that protect the paint from damage.

      If you are looking got a coal stove alternative, then modern Multi-Fuel Stoves are the right choice for you.

      We are here to help!

      Confused about with Wood burning stove to buy? Just give us a call and leave us a message, and our executive will get in touch with you, helping you have a perfect stove for your perfect home!

      Pick the Design of Your Choice!

      The design of the stove is very important, especially, if the room is built with a specific theme in mind. We will help you find the best Multi Fuel Stoves that look good, and works even better!

      We have an exquisite collection of multi-fuel stoves that comes in modern, contemporary and traditional styles. Picking the right style for the right type of interior is crucial so that the design characteristics of your home is continued to every room.

      Modern stoves also come in a variety of colors. These colors are from temperature resistant paints that don’t fade or chip away from the heat being produced in the stove

      Eco-design ready Appliances

      By 2022, every stove in the UK must comply with the Eco-design standard. The Eco-design standard was brought in place by the Stove Industry Alliance. Their plan is to make sure that every stove in the UK meets a specific efficiency so that unwanted effects from stoves like pollution can be kept to an absolute minimum.

      The Eco-design ready mark is given to the stoves which fulfill the five fundamental requirements from Regulation (EU) 2015/1185 24/5/2015.

      Our partnership with companies who have Eco-design Ready appliances verified from HETAS ensures that our customers always get the best.

      The Best Efficiency

      Stove efficiency is one of the most important factors in choosing any new stove, and this facet is going to be more important than ever before in the future.

      We have multi-fuel stoves that have 80+ efficiency, passing the eco-friendly certification from DEFRA. Gone are the days where stoves couldn’t ensure maximum combustibility, resulting in thick smoke that pollutes the atmosphere and clogs up the flue.

      Multi-fuel stoves are constructed to use the right amount of air so that the fuel can burn safe smoke levels. If you are using smokeless fuels, then there will be no smoke whatsoever coming out from your home.

      Choose from our range of the high-efficiency stoves, and you will have future proof stoves that you can use for years to come!

      Choose the right heat output for your home

      When it comes to stove, bigger might not be the best. Having the right heat output will greatly depend on the room size. Larger or smaller stove than the optimum size will result in inadequate heating.

      The insulation of the room is also a factor that determines the right heat output of the stove. A well-insulated room will retain the heat produced by the stove, while rooms without proper insulation will require more heat from the stove to keep warm.

      We will help you choose the right capacity of multi fuel stove based on the size of the room you wish to place the stove. We also factor in the type of room, insulation, and height before suggesting you the perfect multi-fuel stove.

      Multi Fuel stoves for every budget

      Our range of products come in all price ranges. If you are on a budget, we will help you pick the best one for that budget without pushing you to spend more! We are able to have this budget-friendly approach because we handle products from numerous manufacturers, and have partners all across the UK.

      We do not skimp on the basic utility and safety features for any price range. When you use our service, purchasing a quality multi-fuel stove has never been this easier!

      No fuss installation

      Our team of certified installers is trained to handle stove installations of sizes and shapes. When you purchase a stove from us, you will also have a complete service experience. You are not required to do the installation on your own, we will handle all the hard work.

      We employ certified installers who are legally registered to install the stove. We also recommend that you don’t so any kind of DIY when it comes to stove installations. A stove that is not properly installing can be a very risky safety hazard. It is always better to let the experts handle it.

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